Monday, February 1, 2010

Why don't I ride more?

I think there are any number of reasons why I don't, probably more than why I do. Since the list of why I do ride is shorter let's start there.

I ride because:
I can.
I enjoy the countryside on the seat of a bicycle.
it's freedom.
it reduces stress.
it reduces weight.
it brings me in contact with friends who like to ride.
it makes me faster over time, which is very satisfying.
my son will ride with me.
sometimes my wife will ride with me.
sometimes my daughter will ride with me.
sometimes my whole family rides with me.
my mother and father, who will be 80 & 79 this year, ride more than I do.
I need the exercise.
I just put on new tires.
I need to get more "data".
few people can say they've ridden 200 miles in one day.
it's just downright FUN!

Why do you ride?

1 comment:

Bobcat Ironman said...

i ride because its a large chuck of an Ironman! Oh and because I don't want you two counties away when we ride together this campmeeting.