Monday, June 22, 2009

Sufferfest, 15 Cows, New riders

Anticipating a good group ride, I was awake early (5:30am) and ready to go. It's been some time since I rode with the group and I anticipated a pretty good thrashing. At 6:20 when I stepped out the door I was met with an unusually warm blast of air, it was already 80°F.

There was one rider out with his first ride with the group, and another on his second. We started out with plenty of spirit, and everyone was staying close together. Turning right on Alabama rd, we hit the Red Clay climb and the group shattered, I was fortunate to stay with the first 3 riders. Regrouping we turned right on Wilhoit, and the pace immediately hit 26mph, slowed slightly at the intersection of Mt Vernon, then ramped back up. I stayed with the group for 23 minutes and an average speed of 21mph.

Not wanting to come home on a litter, I decided to drop off and find my own route.

I headed north on Carson/Wesslyann/Weatherly Switch. Dropping down the hill on the east side of Weatherly Switch, just passed the sharp curve in the road, I came across some cattle that had escaped the confines of their pasture intent on making the best of their freedom. Pounding on the farmers door early Fathers Day morning is not the best way to make friends, but they were grateful and quickly rounded up the strays.

Continuing to Blue Springs rd I headed north. Knowing my path might intersect the returning group, I paused on the corner of Blue Springs Rd/Bell and watched the very competent Rick H get top honors as king of the mountain.

After chatting with the regrouping riders, I climbed Lead Mine Ridge and spent an hour with my father.

After leaving my father's house, and adding 25 more meandering miles to the odometer, I returned home, very hot, and very tired.

Before leaving I weighed in at 215, upon returning I weighed 209. Adding the half gallon of water I drank on the road, I lost a total of 10 lbs while riding.

Planned Route:

Ridden Route:

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