Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weights, Transformation

After 36 days of non-riding, I finally got out and cranked 30 miles, with a brief stop at one of my cycling friends house.

Considering the length of the layoff, I was completely surprised by the sensations of the ride. My legs and my lungs responding well, I felt as if I had been "training" for a month on the bike. Realizing that there is indeed a lot of work to be done, I am heartened by the fact that I rode 28 of the 30 miles with a 19mph average! AFTER 36 days of not riding!

For me, this indicates the value of weight lifting in the gym. More importantly, HEAVY lifting.

After the ride, I still had enough energy to lift a combined total of 65,555 lbs.

Lower body workout Summary - (lbs):
Abdominal Crunch - 8,790
Leg Extension - 5,400
Low Back Extension - 20,825
Leg Curl - 5,400
Leg Press - 21,700
Calf Raise - 3,450

There is some pleasure in the pain, the above numbers speak for themselves.

Current weight 216 lbs.

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