Monday, March 23, 2009

Short Cruise

Awake before the crack of dawn, after trying to find all the bits and pieces of my cold gear, I finally got rolling at 7:42:55. The sun was not yet up, but I could see evidence that it would soon be sending some warming rays my way.

It was 4 degrees cooler than advertised by the weatherman, a cool 37°F.

The plan of the day was to ride an easy hour, return home, take my daughter to work, return home and wait for my son to get ready to go play, drop him off at the play field, return home and get another 2 hours in on the bike.

I got the first hour done, and didn't have enough gumption to get going again.

While I was out I saw one other cyclist. The rider was like a ghost carrot, never letting me close the gap. Not having the motivation to close any gaps, I was content to try and guess who was leading. Several things came to mind, the kid next door out riding his tricycle, my grandmother, someone actually pushing a bicycle...

I'm pretty much done with cold riding this year. I'm ready to bury my cold weather gear for another 12 months.

Saw one Tom Turkey at the usual spot on Ware Road.

Ride Stats:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weights, Transformation

After 36 days of non-riding, I finally got out and cranked 30 miles, with a brief stop at one of my cycling friends house.

Considering the length of the layoff, I was completely surprised by the sensations of the ride. My legs and my lungs responding well, I felt as if I had been "training" for a month on the bike. Realizing that there is indeed a lot of work to be done, I am heartened by the fact that I rode 28 of the 30 miles with a 19mph average! AFTER 36 days of not riding!

For me, this indicates the value of weight lifting in the gym. More importantly, HEAVY lifting.

After the ride, I still had enough energy to lift a combined total of 65,555 lbs.

Lower body workout Summary - (lbs):
Abdominal Crunch - 8,790
Leg Extension - 5,400
Low Back Extension - 20,825
Leg Curl - 5,400
Leg Press - 21,700
Calf Raise - 3,450

There is some pleasure in the pain, the above numbers speak for themselves.

Current weight 216 lbs.