Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold Cranking

It seems like this has been the coldest fall in recent memory. Temperatures have been consistently in the low twenties in the morning for about two weeks.

With the sun going down early and other commitments restricting ride time, Sunday seems like the only time to ride.

Since it was pretty cold and windy out, the group decided to roll around 1:00pm to take advantage of the slightly warming temperature. There were only three other riders, including my son, who hasn't been on the bike in about two months.

We started North first, to take advantage of the wind direction on the return, heading out Tallant, McDonald, Brock and Alabama. By the time we turned out of the face of the wind, I was ready to be home. We returned by way of Old Tunnel Hill, California, Blair, McDonald, Short-Cut, Apison pike.

Several, very welcome, pulls were taken by the other riders which gave me some respite from the wind.

Coming back in was the usual rush to the finish, and the final slog home.

Not much joy to be found in this ride.

Ride Stats:
Distance (mi ) 27.37
Moving Speed (mph) 16.1 avg. 37.1 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +3,009 / -3,013
Temperature (°F) 30.9°F avg.