Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cool, and mostly tame

Over the last couple of weeks it has been hard for me to get out and ride. I don't know if the desire has gone out of the ride, or other intervening circumstances like family, but I haven't been able to put many miles on my bicycle.

Most of all the time change has had the biggest effect, so I'm looking at options to light up the road so I can ride in the dark.

This fall the cold has had a bigger effect than any other year on my willingness to get out and ride, so Saturday night I decided that whatever the weather was, I was going to ride regardless.

Seven regular riders met at the Village Market at 8:00 AM. It was pretty cold, 36°F. With a stiff wind coming from the North-West, we headed north, moving slowly, trying to warm up and decide on a route. Eventually the decision to cross over Mahan Gap from Ooltewah-Georgetown road was made, and executed.

I have been having shifting issues with my triple crank and had locked out the lowest gear, putting off fixing the problem. Climbing to the summit was essentially a bunch of 200lb leg presses, leaving me gassed and gasping at the top.

Another of our group, a certain college chap, lost his breakfast at the top of the gap as well. The rush of lactic acid winning out over the desire to keep the stomach contents intact.

Continuing on and meandering over the hills we returned with about 36 miles as a group. Not wanting to end the ride I continued on and reached home with about 52 miles.

It was still cold and windy outside but with the sun trying to show itself, overall a good ride.

Ride Data:

Friday, November 14, 2008


Looking over my motionbased account I discovered a few things:

Total Distance 2859.58
Total Time (Hrs) 167.21
Total Average Speed 17.10
Max Avg 22.20
Min Avg 9.90 (when I crashed on my MTB)

Total Elevation Gain 246015 ft (Miles 46.59)

Number of Rides 98

Ride Length
Min 6.21 (MTB Crash Ride)
Max 100.48
Average 29.18

Just a few more miles to break 3K for the year.