Monday, October 27, 2008

Following the Trail

Yesterday the Sunday Group was split into two as a few of the regular riders rode a fundraising route.

The rest of us decided to ride the same route the 50k fundraisers were riding (but without the cue sheet) and departed about 30 minutes early.

Without really good turn markings on the pavement we overshot a few of the turns. The route was a poor choice for beginners taking in quite a few of the harder climbs in the area.

The weather was very cold. Without full fingered gloves it was an exercise to try to keep the fingers thawed.

About half-way through the ride the first and only Fundrider we would see, caught up and rode with us the rest of the way home.

Next time I take better precautions for the fingers and toes.

Welcome to winter.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I wanted to go out hard yesterday, Chris wanted to go slow, so we compromised.

We went slow then fast then slow.

Riding from home, we enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon. I especially like riding in the fall for a number of reasons. Fitness levels are usually up, the weather is cooler, and cruising down the road is just a lot of fun.

Taking a ride through Collegedale we went left across the railroad tracks and up Jackson, taking a right on Edgeman, and left on McDonald we crossed over to Old Alabama on Brock. On Old Alabama we rode hard south never dropping below 20mph till we reached Bates where we slowed down and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the ride home.

We saw a few riders out, including the Masher.

Another great ride, ending with an average of 17mph for about 20 miles.