Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Hike

Not satisfied with the infrequent mountain bike excursions into the woods, I took advantage of the Labor Day vacation and went for an eleven mile walk in the woods.

The adventure was supposed to be 14 miles into the black bear and wild boar country of North Georgia, some even say Sasquatch country. Fortunately the guy I was going to catch a ride with, discovered an error in my math, and vetoed the planned route in favor of a different one. This route would be five miles shorter than my planned route.

We got on the road by 5:30am to make the two hour trek by truck to the Tearbritches trail head in the Cohutta wilderness. Following the trail over Bald Mtn, we descended into the wilderness paradise over 1200 feet down to the Conasauga river. From there we headed south following the river upstream, making about 10 river crossings and stopping twice to refuel and get water. Leaving the Conasauga, we followed the Chestnut Lead trail back to the road and then another mile to the parking lot where we started.

Yesterday and so-far today have been difficult. The pain of getting out of chairs and going up and down stairs have been a continuous reminder of how out of shape I am.

Which means that I need to do more and more often.

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