Monday, August 18, 2008


I looked at the last post and realized that almost a month had transpired.

A lot has happened since then.

I was in the woods almost two weeks ago. I had a spectacular crash that gave me a gash and 10 stitches in my right fore-arm. The doctors office that sewed me up, courteously, gave me a bill for $1365.

That's $1000 more than my bike was worth brand new.

I'm a little bit peeved, both at my stupidity for riding like I did, and my ignorance in thinking it would be cheaper to go to a doctors office instead of an emergency room.

I'm also a bit down on myself for my fitness level.

Yesterday I went on a group road ride, and got dropped, hard.

-Yes, I just finished a long antibiotic course.
-Yes, I hadn't been riding much since the crash (2 rides for less than 40 miles total).
-Yes, I am 39 lbs overweight in a skinny man's sport.
-No, I'm not going to stop riding.

Due to my performance issues, I did some calculations on body mass. I need to lose exactly 10.5 quarts of fat (136,500 calories) to reach the "not obese" side of the fatness index.

At a pound of fat loss a week, it would take nine months to reach the magic threshold. Almost like having a 39 pound baby.

Something needs to change...and soon.

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Anonymous said...

eat less, exercise more, eat even less don't starve yourself and get membership to that new gym so you can workout at night
Good Luck :)