Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 100 - with a little help from my friends

In the quest for the Larry Schwartz award it was time to hit the road for another century.

The previous two centuries went outside of our normal riding area, so I designed a course that would stay within the boundaries of our shorter distance training rides. I thought by doing this it would allow for some more accompaniment along the way.

I was not disappointed. I had company for at least 60 miles of the century, with various riders joining and leaving off at points along the route. Thanks guys, it was good to have some help to pass the miles!

Starting off I was joined by two riders at 6:40 am, these two were just back from riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. The first hour was spent listening to the stories of the adventure, sounded like lots of fun! After 20 miles we were joined by another rider and we proceeded north, calling up yet another BRP participant (but he was not awake yet). Turning south we met up with two more riders that joined us at 35 miles. From there we headed south to Sbike to fill up our water bottles. Sbike has been laying off a bit this year, and not expecting us, greeted us in his bathrobe, this was too much for him, so he suited up and joined the ride spending the next 20 miles with us.

At mile 49 the early riders split off for home, needing to get back.

By 11:30, with no more company, our stomachs were getting pretty empty and we were close to Red Clay State park, so my wife met us with some Pizza and Strawberry Shortcake. After filling up on the food it really felt time for a nap. The temperatures and breeze were just perfect for an afternoon snooze, but one of my neighbors was moving across town and I had committed to helping them so we headed back home.

We spent the next hour and thirty-five minutes trying to get under 6:00 total ride time, covering 27 miles in 1:35 minutes. It was a strong finish for my son, doing several strong pulls of 20+mph (the two previous centuries shellacked him towards the end).

At the end of this ride I felt good, this was the fastest century yet for me.

With the huge time commitment involved, I'm questioning the sanity of doing a century every month. I haven't dropped any pounds but I seem to be getting stronger. Stronger for what? I haven't figured that out yet.

Splits: Distance - Average Mph- Climbing (ft)
5m - 17.0 - 468'
10m - 18.4 - 228'
15m - 16.3 - 486'
20m - 17.1 - 199'
25m - 16.4 - 390'
30m - 18.2 - 236'
35m - 18.5 - 350'
40m - 14.8 - 483'
45m - 15.6 - 272'
50m - 14.9 - 265'
55m - 17.1 - 349'
60m - 16.8 - 417'
65m - 14.7 - 357'
70m - 14.9 - 450'
75m - 16.9 - 338'
80m - 20.5 - 304'
85m - 21.3 - 216'
90m - 16.9 - 381'
95m - 18.0 - 283'
100m - 12.82 - 420'

Total Time (h:m:s) 8:10:12 4:54 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 5:55:56 3:33 pace
Stop Time = 2:14:16 ( 5 minutes for a flat tire at mile 45.51, 1:28:05 for lunch at Mile 73)
Distance (mi ) 99.99
Moving Speed (mph) 16.9 avg. 40.6 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +6,948 / -6,954

Temperature (°F)
70.9°F avg.
82.4°F high

Data taken with a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx, using auto trackpoint recording set on Most points.

For recorded data see Motionbased

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fatty's Fight

I just wanted to draw attention to a friend of mine, someone I've never met but feel like I've known for years.

With one of his superpowers being the ability to consume large quantities of food, he has entertained us with stories of trying to become physically fit and riding Epic Cycling Century's.

Over time he has given us vignettes of his home life.

Right now (and over the past couple of years) his wife is fighting for life, which he has written about eloquently.

I invite you to read about their latest setback, and pray for the recovery of Susan.