Friday, April 11, 2008

Wheelset Dreaming

No, I don't want an ultra-lightweight wheelset for weight weenies. I need a superstrong reliable set for a 200+lb rough roads rider.

I've had fun building 4 sets of wheels with each one getting a little better. The last set I built was for my father (who is 77 years young today). A car pulled out in front of him and he taco'ed the front into the car, bounced up and over the hood and bent the rear as the bike landed (just bruised him up a little). I rebuilt his wheels using WTB cross rims and Wheelsmith spokes.

I learned how to build a wheel by reading This Manual by Roger Musson. Using this guide I even built my own wheel stand out of some 2 x 2 oak and a couple of digital dial indicators. Works real well for me and gets the wheels true to within 0.01 mm plus or minus (I usually shoot for .05 mm).

Anyway, back to the title of this post.

If I were going to replace my wheelset with another self built set, this is what I want.

Hubs: Chris King Classic 32 hole Red, 268g rear ~$320, Front 113g ~$150

Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray 64 spokes, 278g ~$192

Brass nipples: Original Sapim

Rims: Mavic Open Pro 32 hole black 435g ~$100

Front 687g - $296
Rear 842g - $466
Total 1529g - $762

Anyone have some spare pocket change?

Well, so much for dreaming.

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