Friday, April 4, 2008

Apison TT - April

It was 5:00pm Tuesday evening and I was anxious to ride.

My son said "the wind is blowing from the west, let's do the time trial course".

So we get ready and ride out. On the way over to the course our ride intersects with one of our riding buddies, TW, who is riding home from work. It didn't take much to talk him into going with us.

We go nice and easy over to the starting line in Apison.

I go first. Within a few seconds I'm sprinting over 26 mph, got to dial it back a bit, I can't keep that pace up. Okay, I'm on the first climb, feeling good, trying to keep it close to 20, I crest the first riser, not feeling too bad. Heading across the stair step for the steep part of the course (Howardsville Rd.) , this one always gets into my head, trying not to push too hard, trying to save some for the hard part of the hill.

Looking back, CRB is coming, I'm giving it all I've got, over the top of the mean little rise, now it's mostly up and down to the finish, legs are like jelly, breathing is hard and ragged. Looking down I see I'm under 6 minutes for 2 to push harder! I'm still holding on to my gap, another half mile to go, empty yourself man, is that all you've got? Faster! Faster!

Finish line...stop the clock, see what I've got.


Now I feel better, a personal best!

8:22 / 21.54mph (WWVF)

My son comes in 3 seconds faster, GREAT RIDE!

TW had a great time as well, only 25 seconds off the fastest time.

We cool down and ride along enjoying our small victory. Isn't riding great?

We finished with 33 miles and rode with 3 of our friends in great weather.

For a look a the ride go to: Motion Based # 5294525

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