Monday, February 11, 2008

Group Ride - 2008-02-10

It was another beautiful morning, although a bit on the cool side to start with.

Eight riders showed up at the Village Market Parking lot to enjoy the morning sun, and departed just after 8:00 am to take in a 35 mile ride.

We headed south down university drive, up and over the first little climb, Groupe compact. Left on Prospect Church, then right on E-brainerd. It was here that the pace started to split the group although by the time we turned onto London lane it was all back together again.

Proceding up and over the London climb produced another split in the group. Deciding to just hammer the hills and regroup, everyone got back together before the climb on Keith (at the horse stables-Riding ring). Leading the group up that climb I proceeded to blow out every cobweb I could find, found a few, and the group split into pieces again.

Waiting for awhile on the backside for two that were missing (one of them being my son) I returned to see what happened. One of the riders had broken his chain on a missed shift and was calling for a ride home. We managed to get the chain fixed and called off the broom waggon.

By this time the rest of the group was long gone, headed towards Cohutta. The group had laid out a plan for the ride so the three of us rode to intersect their route and regroup. Sure enough, we came up the West side of the Lebanon Valley Church road climb as the rest of our party climbed the East side and were reunited at the top.

It was then, California Lane to Blair, Mcdonald to Short-Cut, and then the run down Apison Pike with the group getting stretched out by the time we went by Mckee plant #2.

A nice ride, nice weather.

Soon it will be warmer.


Maggie said...

Keep up the blogs - your writing is very interesting! I've been getting on to the sBike man....he needs the broom wagon to get him back into blogging!
Saw you in a time trial the other day - going almost 30 up the hill on Apison Pike!

Paul said...


I've been working too much lately and haven't had time to ride.

I'm hoping to get back in sync with Sbike sometime soon.

I'm having to re-think the sunday morning rides, too much pain!

I think 30 was an overstatement, I was pushing but not that hard :)

Maggie said...

Well, let's say it was over 20!! - and up a hill, that's pretty good!
Yes, we mustn't give up on the sBike man....
Sorry about your pain...
(no pain, no gain):-0)