Tuesday, January 8, 2008

T-Max Intervals 01-08

After some much needed vacation, rest, (and lots of food) I've been needing some hard training. After 2-1/2 weeks off the bike it was good to get out for a group ride this last Sunday which always shows where your weaknesses are.

Nothing like self induced suffering though, so I decided to take up the dreaded T-Max again.

After waking to the alarm at 5:00am and falling back asleep, I finally dragged out of bed, got dressed and got on the trainer with the objective of completing 3 intervals of 400 watts each with 4 minutes rest in between.

I selected a flat course of 10 miles and proceeded to warm up slowly (4 miles @100 watts) while watching a DVD of the '06 Landis Solo Attack. This video seemed appropriate for the level of effort that was going to be required.

At 16 minutes I started the First Interval, no problem.

After the first rest I started the Second Interval, getting close to my maximum heart rate at the end of the interval but holding on for the duration. My HR monitor wasn't picking up real good and I only got decent readings while resting and spinning easily.

Feeling pretty good after the second rest I determined to make another full peg, and completed a third full interval without tapering. I'm pretty excited about that, although keeping in mind that the protocol has a goal of 8 intervals, I still have a looooong way to go.

During each rest phase my HR dropped below 135, which gave me the confidence to keep attacking. I would have attempted to ride a 4th interval but I ran out of course and decided to just cool down.

Friday I will have to lengthen the course a little bit, maybe to 12 miles, and see if I can get 4 intervals in.

I'm wondering, at what point do you retest for your PPO and T-Max and change your intervals? How much progress do you need, 6 intervals? 8?

Weight this AM 212lbs

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