Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Rides

Yes, that's right "Rides"

For some reason I thought I needed to get more mileage in yesterday, and since it was going to warm up later and there was a group starting early, what better opportunity?

There was a lot of discussion about ride start time since the day was supposed to warm up, but one of the riders couldn't go later, so I decided to get a ride in early with the possibility of going out again later.

Since there was a possibility of going later, my son decided he'd sleep in.

It was a beautiful, and cold, morning with frost details on all the leaves and cars. The sunrise was spectacular promising warmth.

I met two other riders and proceeded out at 8:00 am from the Village Market(VM). Course and ride details for the first group ride. Doing my fair share of pulling I warmed up sufficiently until we turned back north, which put us in the shade in Mt Vernon Valley. As we rode up Stewart, my left foot turned to a brick of ice and two of my fingers went numb. We returned with a 17mph average.

Fast forward 4 hours:

After playing an hour of Ultimate, eating lunch, getting my daughter to a birthday party, I was ready for ride number two.

The plan was to meet at the VM at 2:30 for an easy ride. 10 riders showed up and we departed at about 2:45, there were some of us that had more desire to stand around and talk than to ride. As the ride started I didn't feeling like pushing and the terrain dictated a comfortable pace. Comfortable for everyone except 2 or three of us. I helped bring the group back together a couple times (I think it was three total) and at mile 50(for the day) suddenly I didn't have any more legs. I looked around to see if there was some cannibal that had appeared and started removing bits and pieces of them but there was no relief to be had. Our average at this point was 19.2mph.

Fortunately, as I was moving forward with great difficulty, I caught up to one of the group that had a flat tire. This was a gift. After changing the tire and trying to get some calories back, we moved off towards home ending with an average of 16.7mph just off the pace of the morning ride.

After the ride I ate to replace. No Pizza for me! Just a great dish of Lasagna followed by a short nap, and then a great concert featuring 8 soloists.

5000' of climbing, what a great day!

207.9 lbs this morning

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