Friday, January 25, 2008

Returning to Ride

For a week I've been off the trainer trying to get over a cold.

I also spent some time this week rebuilding some wheels for my father who got struck by a car last week. Fortunately he just got bruised up, no broken bones, but he did pretzel his front wheel, which is fixed now.

After the last T-max episode, I went on a vacation, ate too much, gained 2 pounds, got sick, etc etc.

I think I learned a lesson though, if you don't feel good doing the T-max intervals don't do them. Intervals are hard enough to do when you're feeling good, listen to your body and if it's not responding it's better to take it easy than to push too hard.

I'm getting focused again and have been looking through some data, posted here. I've used a lot of info from Richard Sterns site on power. The numbers I like to look at are near the bottom that show power output as compared to top athletes. Gives me motivation to get the weight down near realistic levels which for me is at 165lbs, 47 lbs from where I am today.

Around here with all the ups and downs, a high Power/Weight ratio rules.

Now to actually do it.

Fat Cyclist just posted a letter on Cliff Shot blocks.


sBlogger said...

I'm denied access to the spreadsheet :-(

Paul said...

I published it but forgot to share it, should work now.