Friday, December 21, 2007

T-Max Intervals 12-21

Here's a brief description of my second attempt at T-max interval training.

I used a flat 10 mile course, warmed up slowly for 5 miles, and started the intervals.

The first one went well. I was able to hold onto 400 watts for 2 minutes without any taper.

The rest phase went pretty well with my heart rate dropping down to 130 by the end of 4 minutes.

The second interval I was able to hold 400 watts again for 2 minutes without tapering, but required much more concentration.

By the end of the second rest period I was not ready to go hard, my heart rate did not drop below 140.

I tried to go and got my watts up to 400 but decided to call it quits quickly, not feeling very good.

Finished a quick cool down to close out the course. Will have to start the intervals before 5 miles next time as I would have passed the end of the course before the 3rd power phase had ended, or make the course longer.


Matt said...

Welcome to t-max intervals!

I've found that doing these on the trainer is the way to go.

What kind of course were you riding on?

Paul said...

matt, I agree, doing this on a trainer doesn't give much time to be bored.

I was on a trainer, Axiom Powertrain, 10 miles no slope.