Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning - RideMore - 2007-12-16

With the winds up, coming from the west, and with the temperature dropping there were few people to spread the work around this morning. Five brave souls showed their faces to start the ride at 8:00 AM.

Taking off from the village market we headed towards Apison. The group almost got split at the train crossing but everyone made it under the gates before the train arrived. The speed was up and we were cruising with a big 20+mph wind pushing from the back. We headed south down Bill Jones, turning right and then left we went down Salem-Valley. As we dropped passed the beef farm and went up the rise towards Ware rd, we noticed a bull calf outside the fence on the road. As we approached we slowed, sure enough he wanted to come across the road to rejoin his buddies on the other side of the fence. Sprinting as he approached the fence, he went right through the fence and hardly slowed down. (Note to self: Don't mock the bulls standing by the roads, the fences will have even less effect on them if they decide they want through).

From there we proceeded to Spivey, crossed Keith to Headrick and headed North on Stewart. From there the work started in earnest and the group split a couple of times due to the high winds and the effort needed to keep going. We followed Old Tunnel Hill, Carson, Wesslyan, and Apison Pike to complete the circuit to the Village Market.

Two of us decided to do an additional 10 mile loop down Ringold Rd, returning up Standifer Gap. Traffic was a concern that didn't materialize, with only 4 or 5 cars passing.

The whole time we rode the snow/sleet was spitting but not much of a factor. The cold chilled my face making it difficult to form clear words, and one of my toes was beginning to chill off at the end of the ride. Those were the only cold difficulties that I experienced.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it an 8, with minus points for the wind. Overall a very nice ride.

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