Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First T-Max Interval x 3

After riding pretty hard on Sunday I gave myself 2 days to recover before I started T-Max training. Even with the time off I didn't have a full tank because I started at 11:30 at night. Christmas time is pretty crazy around my house, I'm looking forward to after New Years, hopefully my schedule will get a little more routine.

Anyway, with limited time available I didn't spend enough time warming up and started the First Interval too soon. I figured I would warm up quickly during the interval, and I did. 400 watts for 2 minutes seemed lot harder than 400 watts for 3:16, a LOT HARDER. I couldn't hold it, nearing the end I was tapering down to 320 watts. During the rest phase I coasted, spinning at 130+-Watts. My rest phase was 4 minutes, which seemed pretty short, and my heart rate recovered nicely. I went into the Second Interval focused on 400 watts, trying not to go over and trying not to go under, this time it was a little easier to hold but I still had to taper down. After another rest period I started the Third Interval trying not to focus on the pain. Again I could not hold 400 for the whole interval, tapering slightly at the end.

After those three efforts my vomit threshold was approaching so I just cooled down and watched the end of the race.

My course setup was 10 miles with 0.8% grade. During the intervals I was traveling about 25 mph, during the rest phase it was 13-16 mph. During the 2 minute Power phase I would travel almost 1 mile.

I think next time I will try a flat course. This will bring my speed up a little higher, and make it easier to cool down.

I hope to get one more T-Max session in this week, we'll see what happens.

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sBlogger said...

The old vomit threshold . . . something I try to avoid :-O