Monday, November 26, 2007


Have you ever made a "plan" or a set of goals for your bike season/year? At home I get laughed at for dreaming up ways to get faster during the year, and trying to execute "the plan".

This year I have cycled without a plan, mostly just riding when it was convenient with no specific goals in mind. There are several problems with this style of riding. If you don't ride and "train" to get yourself up to the level of performance of the guys that you occasionally ride with, you Suffer Like a Dog (Which I did far too much this past summer) during group hammerfests.

The alternative? Develop a better plan. This could take several different approaches.

The Hard Plan, simply put, train hard all winter and come out riding better and stronger than 95% of my comrades. This of course will only work for about a month or two until they catch on and become faster than me, which puts me right back to where I am right now, the Dog Sufferer.

The Easy Plan, do no training. Give up any faux fitness I have, stop riding with the Sunday Group. Sleep in Sunday mornings, eat as if there will be a long famine next summer. If caught out riding by any of my comrades, feign a flat tire, ride into a ditch, pretend my knee hurts, otherwise hide my inability to ride a bike up a hill.

So what's it going to be?

Spring is just around the corner...

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