Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Veloroutes - Google Earth

Over the next few days I will be using Veloroutes to map the trails of the Cohutta Wilderness area.

What is really nice about Veloroutes is the way you can create trails off road using the "Elevation" maps.

  1. Start by selecting "Create a new route" on the left side of the Home page.
  2. Select Elevation in the upper right hand corner to see USGS topo maps, use this to follow marked trails, or make your own.
  3. Start clicking on the map to lay down a track, then save the route by giving it a route name.

It's a good idea to add tags in the tag box, such as the area you are mapping, or even your name. The tags are useful to be able to find your route using the search utility on the home page.

Here's an example of access to the Conasauga River Trail. Notice that I've used the following tags; Cohutta Wilderness, Conasauga. Eventually you will be able to find all the trails in the Cohutta Wilderness by using these search terms. From this site you can download the track to Google Earth, which I have done, and added it to the Google Earth Community.

On my bike rides and hikes I use a Garmin Etrex Vista to log tracks. You can upload tracks to places like MotionBased which also exports to Google Earth.

My bike rides are posted at phburns.motionbased.com.

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