Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hounds of Red Clay Road

There were 5 of us out tonight to stretch the legs, raise the heart rates, and enjoy a great evening. This was the route traveled, 29 miles - 2900 feet - 18 mph.

It was my plan to do some climbing tonight, which is my greatest weakness. It went well enough, I wasn't seriously dropped anywhere although I suspect most everyone was running a few heartbeats slower than the red line my heart rate was at.

Right at the start of the ride, we were passed by an old fire truck that was bellowing a huge cloud of fumes which we were surrounded with for a couple hundred feet. Due to the time of day, we were also forced to ride with testosterone filled pickup drivers who like to rev their engines to show their IQ levels, what a nuisance.

We were jumped by 4 or 5 hound-dogs that took chase and didn't want to give up. I was at the front at the time so I didn't get to see most of the action. The dogs were persistent little devils, spreading out behind and on both sides of the road. Fortunately there was no contact.

Freddie the Friendly jackass was his usual braying self, a sight to see, and eager to be heard.

There was some discussion about getting back before dark, so the hammer started striking the anvil with a heavier beat, bringing us in just before the bats started flying.

3 more days until the time changes.

Weight today 210 lbs.

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