Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

If you ever see me drooling, I was probably just looking at my favorite custom bike builders.

Parlee Cycles or Crumpton

For about two years I have been dreaming of a custom bicycle and reading from the masters over at

Not having access to or owning a torch or a machine shop I have been stuck in dream land, with no end to dreaming in site. The one thing that really slows me down is the thought of building something and having it break underneath me as I go down the road (down a mtn side).

I ride a 2000 vintage Raleigh mass produced aluminum frame with garbage can Shimano components (this is not to say I don't like Shimano, just that my components are mostly salvaged from the Ebay trash can). This frame has taken all the abuse a 200+lb rider can dish out and has not complained. Being a very low budget rider has it's risks and rewards. The risk is that at anytime you may be out of commission for an extended period, waiting for replacement parts, if something breaks. The reward comes from seeing how you can make things work and not have to pay the LBS to do it for you.

More expensive is not always better. Of course there are a hundred ways to define what better is, and would mean different things to a hundred different people.

Specifically, a good bike (to me) is one that is comfortable enough and trouble free that when you ride, you're not thinking about the bike but about the ride.

Usually I don't even think about the ride because I'm having a hard enough time finding enough air to breath. Mostly because I don't train properly (read enough), and all my friends are better climbers than I am and there is nothing but climbing around here. But that is a 'nuther whole issue.

Anyway, enjoy the ride! Get out and RideMore!
And be safe out there.

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