Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Into the Final Stretch

The week that I've been dreading is finally upon us. When the time changes early Sunday morning it signals a drastic reduction in available light at the end of the regular work day.

For those of us that ride bikes in the evening, the time change effectively ends the fall ride season. Yes, you still can get out on the weekends, but evening rides during rush-hour are seldom enjoyable if not dangerous.

This week being what it is, I've decided to try and get a ride in each day this week.

Last night I started sloooowly (solo - as my riding partner had to mow the grass) with a goal of riding 20 miles. I decided about 3 miles into the ride to do an old out and back Time Trial course, and layed on the firewood to see what kind of time I could get. I ended the ride with a 20.3 overall, pretty good for me considering the lazy start and 300' climbing to get back home after my legs felt like lead.

I saw only 3 other riders out on the road! Where's everyone else?

With the lack of time to ride on the road, it becomes imperative to get on the trainer and dream of next summer. I have a love/hate relationship with my trainer, I love to hate it. What I hate even worse is to come into the spring riding season trying to regain all the ground lost over the winter. I'm thinking about 3-5 hrs per week will keep the legs fairly fresh which means 48-60 hrs of torture until the beginning of March when the time changes back.

I'm going to have to get my old Tour tapes out to try and keep my sanity.


sBlogger said...

Good stuff. Nice to have another perspective. I see 3 of the 5 dpreview.com cameras are Nikon :)

Paul said...


Nikon, they're trying to catch up ;)